Quality & WATTAnty

Quality Control System

Colorpoint’s Quality Control Team has been heavily involved with all stages of the manufacturing process to meet the commitment to the quality. We have developed a Comprehensive Quality Control System throughout each phase of the production processes, to ensure Colorpoint deliver the best quality products to our distributors. Colorpoint has divided our Quality Control Systems
into 4 phases:


Incoming QC - The Material Testing Process

Incoming QC – The Material Testing Process It is Crucial to include the IQC into Colorpoint’s Quality Control System. As it helps to reduce the waste, keep the low production cost and the high quality rate of the product.

Colorpoint has applied IQC on every coming shipment with the guidelines of the international quality standards.
Special materials such as Toner, Chip, Drum’s IQC has been carried out at our testing lab by our experienced technicians. After all, all materials and components are stored with labels indicate the conditions and date of entry for production use.

Here below are some of the test we do to qualify the incoming materials

  • Cartridge Cart Inspection
  • Ink Inspection
  • Toner Inspection
  • OPC Drum Inspection
  • Packing Inspection

Inline QC - Inline inspection

Colorpoint’s Quality Control Team has implemented the In-line inspection technique through out our production process. This approach of inspection helps to control the quality of products by helping to fix the sources of defects immediately after they are detected.

In-line inspection has contributed to help Colorpoint to ensure that the production process is consistent with Colorpoint’s specified quality requirements, reduce the end-line defects, saving time from final inspection and prevents common mistakes being made again.


In Process QC - End of Line Inspection

End of line inspection is a technique which conducting inspection at the end of the production process. It is important to ensure that each of our final products meet the required quality standard before being delivered to the customers.
All Colorpoints’ final products are quality tested in accordance with DIN and ISO quality standard in the end of line inspection.
Any occurred quality issue will be feedback to the production line managers and inline inspectors for improvement of our products.


Quality Assurance - Final Inspection

Quality Assurance - Final Inspection

Final inspection is the last step of the Colorpoint’s Quality Control System. This is the most important stage for Colorpoint’s Quality Control Team to ensure that all products meet the required quality standard with no defects before delivery to our customers. Products will not be released till all inspection and tests have been satisfactorily completed and having the approval authorization from the Final Inspection QC.

  • Quality Engineer Academic Quality Journal

    Our Quality Control Team provides a quarterly journal to Colorpoint management team. This information together with our customer’s feedback and the latest research of the industrial technologies; contribute to enhance our Quality Control System.
  • Certificate & Standard

    . ISO 9001We have been ISO 9001 since 2006. The ISO 9001 standard provides a tried and tested framework for taking a systematic approach to managing the organization's processes so that they consistently turn out product that satisfies customers' expectations.

    . ISO 14001Colorpoint believes environmentally-conscious activities constitute a necessary part of business operations from a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) viewpoint. Within Colorpoint, we have stepped up efforts to acquire ISO 14001 certification at manufacturing management, based on an ISO 14001-based environmental management system is an extremely effective means for creating environmental awareness into every viewpoint of business operations.

    . DIN 33870/33866All Colorpoint supplies are meeting this standard and comply stringently with requirements of DIN 33870 since 2006. It specifies quality characteristics and functions of the refilled printer modules, describes the verification of print quality, and defines minimum requirements for ensuring consistent print quality and trouble-free functioning throughout the product's life.

    . DIN 33871-1DIN 33871-1 is as standard only relate to refilled inkjet print heads and inkjet tanks. Colorpoint only offer remanufactured inkjet cartridges according DIN 33871-1. Colorpoint has comply with DIN 33871-1 since 2006 and it defines properties and functions following preparation as well as tests to verify main application qualities of inkjet print heads and inkjet tanks that are refilled with black or color ink. It is also to ensure a constant print quality and an uninterrupted function throughout the life of the inkjet print heads and inkjet tanks for all areas of usage. The purpose is to ensure that performance data do not deviate significantly from the original.

    . RoHSColorpoint believe it is appropriate based on a precautionary approach, so we have been evaluating materials and eliminating those that process an environmental, health or safety risk. Therefore we are working with its suppliers who are meeting RoHS equipment in this one category and considers it is in the best concern of our customers to ensure the products we offer meet requirements. This process ensures that Colorpoint is compliant with the RoHS Directive.

    . REACHBased on Colorpoint green and environment protection policy, all Colorpoint monochrome and color toner are registered under REACH directive.

    . ASC X9As of 2009 year, all Colorpoint MICR toner cartridges meet X9 criteria.

    . ISO/IEC 19752This International Standard is only intended for the measurement of toner cartridge yield. No other claims can be made from this testing regarding quality, reliability, etc.
    Regarding the page yield standard of monochrome toner cartridge, we follow ISO/IE19752 and DIN33870 criteria. Therefore all Colorpoint monochrome toner cartridge always can reach the page yield of OEM toner.

    . ISO/IEC 19798Regarding the page yield standard of color toner cartridge, we follow ISO/IE19798 and DIN33866 criteria. Therefore all Colorpoint toner cartridges always can reach the page yield of OEM color toner.
  • Gurantee Letter

    We guarantee that all Colropoint Products you purchased are free from defects in materials under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period and will not affect the warranty of the printer manufacturer. The Limited Warranty Period provide three years and it starts on the date of purchase from Colorpoint.

    Colorpoint guarantees that the use of our all products will not cause any damage, premature wear or deterioration of equipment, such as printers, photocopiers, and fax machines. If a product is proved to be the cause of damage on the printer or the copier, Colorpoint will credit back the costs related to the fixing of the printer or the copier.

    Colorpoint products are guaranteed to function smoothly, delivering an excellent result. In the unlikely event of our product causing damage, we shall accept responsibility under the terms of the product liability.

    Colorpoint guarantees tested brand quality for its entire products. Research, development and production – comprehensive expertise in the one package - is your guarantee of high quality.