Free change machine! CISS Epson L565 printer desig



Now people buy a printer will be taking into consideration the cost, particularly the need for extensive use of the SME or SOHO family, may all the printer can take it out into CISS designed to reduce spending ink. In response to this demand, Epson launched the Epson L565 professional multifunctional printer designed for the original CISS, after the change machine did not solve the problem of warranty and significantly reduce our cost ink supplies expenditures.

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This is not just money CISS Epson L565 printer only, a combination such as scanning, faxing, photocopying and wireless Wi-Fi in all kinds of functions, in addition to a substantial decline in printing costs, but also provides many useful and convenient applications for mobile devices have very perfect printing support. You should be hard to imagine, with the ink-jet printer can also have a single hair from a black and white print cost, color ultra high C / P value of 3 from the hair, the focus lies CISS Epson's original design.