Pioneer in Color Toner

MFPs, laser printers and digital color production systems are all based on the same laser beam printing principle. To reach the highest level of color printing performance can only be accomplished by utilizing superior toner and superior components for our cartridges.

In order to have the best combination, compatibility and above all reaching the lowest wear and tear of the photosensitive (OPC) drum, we only use special chemical materials and formulations for our OPC drums. Besides our OPC Drum, we also apply the special chemical material to our Mag roller, electrical charge roller and sleeve roller. This procedure is done by our state-of-the-art dip coating machine.

As mentioned above we only use superior toner and superior components for our cartridges. High density of toner particle is key for reaching superb color printing performance. In the pictures below you can see the difference between Colorpoint toner and other vendors’ toner particles.

Our color toner cartridges are designed to deliver significant savings in the office environment, while producing high quality results on the printed page. All Colorpoint color toner cartridges are backed by warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Why not get a high quality color toner cartridges at affordable prices!

Colorpoint toner Other vendors’ toner

Extreme in Print-Life

To have stable image printing and longer printing page yield toner cartridge is essential in the office printing solution. Therefore we Colorpoint have been devoted to the study of high page yield toner cartridge for a long time.

In order to reach the highest printing page yield, to have the best combination of components and enhance the wear-tear of components inside the cartridge are essential.

Therefore we Colorpoint are devoted to the chemical formulation and dip coating on photosensitive drum Electrical charge roller, Mag roller and sleeve roller, cleaning and doctor blade.

Colorpoint High page yield toner cartridges are most reliable partners in your office!

Cost Effective in Printing

To save expense in the office is the dream for the management. During the past few years, many people had bad experience in the compatible or remanufactured consumable which cause machine damaged, toner leaking and bad image printing.

We Colorpoint have the strict quality control system and follow DIN 33870/33871-1 and ISO19752/19798 for Colorpoint alternative consumable. Thus we Colorpoint are sure that Colorpoint alternative consumable can reach high quality standard and match customer’s inquiry.

We Colorpoint will keep using our own core technology, know-how and tailor made facility to produce alternative consumables which save money from your pocket. To save money in your office is our duty, Please try Colorpoint alternative consumable now!